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ABOUT KAConf23 / Knowledge Aware Conference

The Knowledge Aware Conference has something for everyone, no matter the level of experience! 

The Knowledge Aware Conference is an annual two-day event that brings hundreds of leading organizations and engineering experts together to explore the Knowledge Aware approach. This approach is transforming the way product development companies across automotive, aerospace, shipbuilding, and other industries develop products by capturing, sharing, and reusing active organizational knowledge to propel businesses forward. The conference features sessions covering state-of-the-art Knowledge Management (KM) tools and strategies for adopting and growing the approach. It also facilitates engaging networking sessions and fosters learning opportunities from other leaders.

Throughout the two days, organizations will share their best practices on how they implemented Knowledge Aware within their organization and ways it improved their organization.

Why should you consider attending? 

  • Learn new ways to harness the power of the Knowledge Aware approach and discover how evolving technology can help you simplify critical product development processes
  • Engage in new topic discussions and forums while learning more about ongoing
  • Connect with shakers and movers across automotive, aerospace, shipbuilding, and other industries to share ideas
  • Browse sponsor booths, secure your chance to win giveaway prizes, and have some fun with activities in the sports corner!

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Knowledge Aware / what is it?

The Knowledge Aware approach is a coherent and comprehensive, enterprise-level Knowledge Management strategy and technique.

Unlike traditional knowledge management solutions, the Knowledge Aware approach captures and validates knowledge, breaks it down into digestible bite-sized pieces of knowledge, and delivers it to employees and team as they work, when they need it. Instead of searching for information, employees encounter reusable knowledge directly within their flow of work, allowing them to make more qualified and robust decisions.

Some of the common benefits organizations find with the Knowledge Aware approach include:

  • Elimination of recurring mistakes,
  • Improvement in workforce efficiency,
  • Preservation and sharing of knowledge,
  • Reduction in engineering variation, and
  • Reduction in the enterprise IT footprint.
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Conference Schedule / Daily Agendas

Jasmine Watkins; Mikayla Sprague

Breakout Session 1

  • Beginner Track: The Fundamentals, or
  • Advanced Track: A Knowledge Aware Approach to Lessons Learned
JoBeth Dingman; Mikayla Sprague

Breakout Session 2

  • Beginner Track: Knowledge Modeling, or
  • Advanced Track: A Knowledge Aware Approach to Design / Peer Reviews
Kamyle Jackson; Mikayla Sprague

Breakout Session 3

  • Beginner Track: Auros IQ: Getting Started, or
  • Advanced Track: A Knowledge Aware Approach to SMART CAD
Markus Fischer & Tim Glaue

Knowledge Aware Certification Program Update

The road to knowledge is always paved with good intentions. But even with the best intentions, the right knowledge can be used in the wrong context. Knowledge about your customers

Daily Prize Giveaway!

A lucky winner will enjoy noise cancellation, spatial audio, and enhanced sound for an immersive listening experience.

Welcome Reception

Enjoy great food and beverages as you socialize and network with movers and shakers across the engineering field.
Amy McWhirter

Opening Remarks

Welcome back to the Knowledge Aware Conference! Today, the agenda is packed with more exciting topics.
Carl Hart

Managing the Infusion of Lessons Learned Using Knowledge Aware

Learn how Lincoln Laboratory’s Engineering Division is proposing to revitalize their approach to managing the infusion of Lessons Learned into the way they do business.
Zeliha Ozgul-Memishi

Issues Management: Managing Root Cause Analysis

Zeliha Ozgul-Memishi will highlight an issue type identified to assist with manage various root cause analysis known as the 5 Whys problem-solving method.
Enjoy free time to connect with other movers and shakers.

Break & Networking

Andrei Radulescu

Design Review Process Integration in Auros IQ

Eaton Corporation's Andrei Radulescu will explore how the Mobility Division successfully integrated the Design Review process in Auros IQ and now manages more than 39 projects, past and present,
Josh Kullis

Walking the Walk: A Knowledge Aware Narrative

Josh Kullis will focus on applications of the ‘Knowledge Aware’ technique and their influence on business functions at Auros Knowledge Systems.

Daily Prize Giveaway!

A lucky winner will enjoy noise cancellation, spatial audio, and enhanced sound for an immersive listening experience.
Mikayla Sprague

What’s New with Auros IQ 16

Mikayla Sprague will introduce what to expect with Auros IQ and highlight recent technology updates during this informative session.

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NETWORKING OPPORTUNITIES / plenty of networking time

Between the two days of presentations, sessions, and exercises, there will be several opportunities to network with other peers at the conference. The platform will provide you time slots to break out in smaller groups to chat and ask questions. It’s a great way to network with other professionals in the field and to learn how others are managing and using their corporate knowledge effectively!

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