September 24-25, 2018


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ABOUT KNOWLEDGE AWARE 2018 / learn about the advancement in knowledge management technology

The Knowledge Aware Conference, sponsored by Auros, shows attendees how organization can implement and benefit from anticipatory knowledge delivery, through Knowledge Aware technology. At Knowledge Aware 2018, companies will be sharing how they benefited from Knowledge Aware, and how it was successfully implemented. From the conference, you will learn:

  • Strategies for implementing Knowledge Aware
  • Project Experiences from Knowledge Aware
  • Lessons Learned from Knowledge Aware deployment teams
  • Insight and live demonstrations of future Knowledge Aware technology

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Knowledge Aware / what is it?

Knowledge Aware is a fundamentally different approach to managing technical knowledge. It has been proven out and has become the most effective knowledge management strategy for technical environments.

It eliminates the need to sift through document repositories and databases in hopes of finding something useful. Instead, essential learnings and technical memory are provisioned directly into existing work-flows, giving engineers exactly what they need, when and where they need it, to make qualified and robust decisions. Promoting continuous in-context knowledge provision and influence makes your company’s existing work-flows knowledge ‘aware’– hence the name Knowledge Aware.

Knowledge Aware Benefits

Elimination of Recurring Mistakes

Past Knowledge can be used to help improve an outcome, or prevent repeated mistakes.

Improvement in Engineering Efficiency

Product Development and Manufacturing engineering cycle times can be reduced, increasing productivity.

Preservation and Sharing of Knowledge

Knowledge is efficiently, effectively, & continuously captured and shared.

Reduction in Engineering Variation

Costly variation across individuals, languages, and time for products and processes is reduced.

Reduction in the Enterprise IT Footprint

Existing tools and systems are unified, which significantly reduces the net IT footprint.

Conference Schedule / daily agendas

Check In / Registration

Please check-in with a photo ID or your confirmation email at this time. There will be complimentary beverages and space to network with peers. Please check-in between 11:00 AM and

Opening Remarks

Welcome to the 2018 Knowledge Aware Conference! Today, the agenda is packed with several exciting topics. We're going to start the day with a few announcements and an introduction

The Big Picture of Knowledge Aware 

Jeff Moffa will be sharing an overview of the Knowledge Aware approach. From the presentation, attendees will
  • Gain a basic understanding of what the Knowledge Aware approach is
  • Understand the benefits

Knowledge Aware Value and Concepts

From this session, you will be able to gain a better understanding of the importance of the Knowledge Aware approach and the fundamental concepts and technologies of Knowledge Aware.

Interactive Exercise on Becoming Knowledge Aware

The interactive exercise will create an environment where 4 groups work individually to solve complex problems. As each problem is solved, a component to a greater ‘enterprise’ challenge will

Introduction to the IKAA

The International Knowledge Aware Association (IKAA) educates and provides insight on how to best implement and develop the Knowledge Aware approach within an organization. From now until December 31, 2018, the IKAA is

Knowledge Aware Welcome Reception

Join the International Knowledge Aware Association, Auros Knowledge Systems, and your peers at the 2018 Welcome Reception following the first day sessions! There will be great food, drinks, and prizes!
Jeff Harding

Opening Remarks

Welcome back to the Knowledge Aware Conference! Today, the agenda is packed with several exciting topics. We're going to start the day with a recap of yesterday's sessions and
Greg Burek

Knowledge Aware Maturity Model

This presentation will give you a better understanding on where your organization stands in terms of becoming Knowledge Aware. Tactical steps to help bring your organization to the next Knowledge Aware
Carlo Forest

Using RASIC in Auros

Step by step process for using the RASIC Tool in Auros.


Lunch will be served in the Garden Gallery from 12:00 - 1:00 PM. Vegetarian options will be available.

Cool K-PAC Competition

Three of the top K-PAC competitors will be sharing their favorite Knowledge Packets in front of a live crowd. The crowd will take a vote on who has the
Josh Kullis

A Knowledge Aware Narrative: Walking the Walk

A story of discovering Knowledge Aware and it’s propensity for organic growth regardless of scale or industry. This discussion will focus on atypical applications of the ‘Knowledge Aware’ technique
Jeff Moffa

What’s New with Auros & Closing Remarks

If you're an Auros customer or prospective customer, stay around to hear what's new with Auros Knowledge Systems technology.

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Two days of educational sessions
Post conference presentations
6+ hours of networking time
Meals and refreshments

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Two days of educational sessions
Post conference presentations
6+ hours of networking time
Meals and refreshments

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The dress code is business casual. Feel free to wear what makes you comfortable, however most wear slacks and a polo.

Complimentary parking is available at the Inn at St. John's.

Coming in from out of town? No problem! To begin your travel accommodations, click on the resources found below:
Anyone interested in establishing an effective and efficient engineering process should attend. This conference is structured towards officers, VPs, engineering managers, IT staff, and other upper management roles within engineering industries, including: automotive, industrial equipment, ship building, aerospace & defense, durable goods, energy, architectural & design, hospital management, and medical devices.

Chief Engineers

Directors of Quality

Engineering Directors

Engineering Specialists

Knowledge Managers

Design Leader

NETWORKING OPPORTUNITIES / 6+ hours of networking

Between the two days of presentations, sessions, and exercises, there are over six hours of networking opportunities at the conference! What’s great about the Knowledge Aware Conference is that we don’t allow trade show booths, or any outside sponsors within the conference. This means that you can focus on getting to know the attendees around you, and stop worrying how you’re going to avoid another sales pitches.

The conference Reception is an attendee favorite. We offer wonderful opportunities for you to network with other professionals in the field, learn how others are managing and using their corporate knowledge effectively!

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Registration for the 2018 Knowledge Aware Conference is now available to the public!  Registration costs from January 12th – July 1st will be only $259 per person. After July 1st, the cost for registration will increase by $41, at $300 per person.

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