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ABOUT KAConf21 / Knowledge Aware Conference

The Knowledge Aware Conference has something for everyone, no matter the level of experience! 

This conference is geared towards educating attendees on how organizations around the globe are improving the way organizational knowledge is captured, shared, and reused. Throughout the two days, organizations will share their best practices on how they implemented Knowledge Aware within their organization and ways it improved their organization. Attendees can expect to learn about the following:

  • Strategies for implementing Knowledge Aware
  • Project experiences from the Knowledge Aware approach
  • Lessons Learned from deployment teams
  • Insight and live demonstrations of future Knowledge Aware technology
  • Training on Auros Knowledge Systems software

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Knowledge Aware / what is it?

The Knowledge Aware approach is a coherent and comprehensive, enterprise-level Knowledge Management strategy and technique.

Unlike traditional knowledge management solutions, the Knowledge Aware approach captures and validates knowledge, breaks it down into digestible bite-sized pieces of knowledge, and delivers it to employees and team as they work, when they need it. Instead of searching for information, employees encounter reusable knowledge directly within their flow of work, allowing them to make more qualified and robust decisions.

Some of the common benefits organizations find with the Knowledge Aware approach include:

  • Elimination of recurring mistakes,
  • Improvement in workforce efficiency,
  • Preservation and sharing of knowledge,
  • Reduction in engineering variation, and
  • Reduction in the enterprise IT footprint.
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Conference Schedule / daily agendas

Jeff Moffa

Knowledge Aware: The Big and Expanding Picture

Jeff Moffa will be sharing an overview of the Knowledge Aware approach. From the presentation, attendees will Gain a basic understanding of what the Knowledge Aware approach is Understand the benefits of the
Auros Knowledge Systems

Breakout Sessions 1

Join us in our third breakout session where you can choose between Beginner: Fundamentals and Advanced: Methods and Team Boards.
Auros Knowledge Systems

Breakout Sessions 2

Join us in our second breakout session where you can choose between Beginner: Interactive Exercise and Advanced: CAD Connector.
Steve Boisvert and Josh Kullis

Breakout Sessions 3

Join us in our third breakout session where you can choose between Beginner: Getting Started and Advanced: Document Ingestor & Decision Models.
Josh Kullis

Auros in Auros IQ: Walking the Walk

A story of discovering Knowledge Aware and its propensity for organic growth regardless of scale or industry. This discussion will focus on atypical applications of the ‘Knowledge Aware’ technique

“Common Concerns” Forum with Auros Admins

Auros Administrators from General Motors, Ford Motor Company, and Navistar will be joining the forum discussion on the "Common Concerns" when getting started with Auros Knowledge Systems. They'll be
Markus Fischer and Tim Glaue

Introduction to the Knowledge Aware Certification Program

The IKAA will be sharing details on the Knowledge Aware Certification programs. Attendees will be able to learn about the program and how to get certified.

Virtual Networking

Join the speakers and attendees from this year's Knowledge Aware Conference in a breakout networking session. Breakout topics include Quality, Getting Started with Auros, and Design Review. The following individuals
Amy McWhirter

Opening Remarks

Welcome back to the Knowledge Aware Conference! Today, the agenda is packed with several exciting topics. We're going to start the day with a recap of yesterday's sessions and
Mike Romanwski and Yvette Yee

Engineering Review Process Moves into the 21st Century

We will provide a brief background on the engineering review process at ZF and how we transformed it from an Excel-based to a database solution.  We’ll share our journey
Darwin Petersen

Knowledge Representation for Automated Process Planning

This presentation explores some challenges to representing knowledge for Automated Process Planning of Assemblies from CAD and discusses some related technical responses. A summary of related Knowledge Management activities at
Dan Cronin

ABS Digital Rules

Dan Cronin from ABS will discuss enhancements to the ABS Rules and how these can enable more functionality from Auros Knowledge Aware software.
Jennifer Joseph

Digital Overview – Stellantis North America

Jennifer will be providing an overview of Stellantis North America's digital strategy and how they have used the Auros Knowledge Software as a solution.
Susan Bachmann

Partner Portal and Partner Sharing Applications at General Motors

General Motors works closely with integrated suppliers and joint venture partners in product design, tooling design/integration and manufacturing. Driving consistent application of equipment standards, best practices, standard work
Jeff Moffa

What’s New with Auros IQ

Learn what's new with Auros from the CEO/President of Auros Knowledge Systems, Jeff Moffa. Jeff will be introducing what to expect with Auros IQ in this live session.

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The 2020 Knowledge Aware Conference is Going 100% Virtual

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