2019 Recorded Conference Presentations are Now Available Online

We hope you enjoyed attending the 2019 Knowledge Aware Conference. Since the conference, we have received many requests for copies of the presentations. We are happy to announce that the recorded presentations are now available online. Available recorded presentations include: Day 1

The 2018 Knowledge Aware Conference Presentations are Available

There was a lot of insightful information shared at the 2018 Knowledge Aware Conference this September. To allow you to pass on the knowledge you learned at the conference, the International Knowledge Aware Association (IKAA) published the conference presentations and video recordings

Registration Is Now Open!

Registration for the 2018 Knowledge Aware Conference is now available to the public!  Registration costs from January 12th – July 1st will be only $259 per person. After July 1st, the cost for registration will increase by $41, at $300 per person.